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I have 37 years and single, I have many experiences in swinging parties in the last twelve months, but I had my ultimate fantasy came true last night. I have to take a great need, a dirty old man. I want to dominate someone who vidsfucker is not afraid to talk really dirty to me and call me names, while his cock in my pussy. I spoke with George for a line half an hour, I learned that only lived about 8 miles away from me. He was married and was the closest thing to sex that was in those days was a couple who had been dogging fucking experiences with other couples. He sent me a photo of himself and of his cock, which was about 63, but his penis was pretty impressive. I asked if I wanted to fuck a dirty bitch with a tight pussy, and he was more than happy to do it. We meet in the parking lot i in Eastham, a very small denim skirt with a lace thong and a vidsfucker small cut teeshirt and not wearing a bra. When I left the car to greet him, he approached me with sweatpants and a loose scruffy sweater. You could see the bulge in his pants and had his hand went right under my skirt, I could feel my pussy juices are flowing and my panties and was already wet. The Gropper on my tits through my teeshirt, his hands were huge. He lifted the lid and pushed me against the car and licked my nipples, I grabbed the back of his head and forced him down. He said : 'You want to lick her pussy dirty bitch ' oh yeah, I cried. He knelt on the cold cement and forced my legs open. Quickly I pulled my panties and tossed it aside. vidsfucker He lifted one leg over his shoulder, forcing his vidsfucker tongue deep into my vagina. When overcome with the pleasure of his tongue, he beat my ass and I said, still fuck you bitch. I licked the juice and made ​​me feel wild with his tongue, but as the beginning of my vidsfucker first orgasm started, stopped licking and stood up, I was disappointed, but replaced the language with huge fingers,quickly followed by another, then another, took my cum orgasm in me and I found myself with such intensitity screaming with pleasure. my juices sprout up my legs and knees and licked it up with him sucking up to my lips. God this motherfucker dirty old blew my mind. He rubbed the head of his runners and I could see desperate rock hard cock. He grabbed theback of my head and forced me to kneel before him. I took his cock and slid his pants to his ankles, so I could massage his turnovers while I was sucking this old man his life. i deep throated his big cock vidsfucker while licking her urine hole, you can test your urine and sweat, but that only made me more. that was really a dirty old man. He pulled his phone from his pocket and made ​​a phone call while he sucked, all I heard was : 'I'm here with the son of a bitch now, she sucked my cock very well. here if you want a piece of it, ' looked at me and said he brought a friend to fuck me, it is not often goes well, he is 67 and the right to ' Dirty Bastard. I was a real pleasure . the s pulling me hair back in a standing position, and it took the entire set in front of the car and me in the hood. opened the driver's door and put the car on the lights, so everyone in the area could meet my pussy dripping at the show. he turned to me and grabbed my hips and pressed his hard cock against me, grabbed and forced to my lips and in my wet hole, which was vidsfucker very powerful and took a while before I could get the full length inside me, but when since he was slammed into my drive, so that his vidsfucker balls were against me I suggested it was fucking good and hard, and suddenly there were lights car into the parking lot, but Frose i said do not worry guy 's my partner, who come to you is fuck each other. thatperformed on the pump my pussy. He lifted my teeshirt exposing my tits and grabbed her with his paws until they were red. ' You dirty whore like an old cock in her tight little pussy ? ' Oh, yes I love it. He pulled his cock and forced him back into my mouth, grabbed the back of his head so he could get his mouth instead. I crouched in the eyes of the parking lot with my ass and pussy exposed to see how I sucked his dick wet. I felt a hand on my thigh and I realized that his friend had come. Stuck a finger deep into my vagina and said, 'is not true for this gag ?' The other man laughed and said, 'Yes, she's a real dirty bitch, she is a whore who loves dirty dirty old men. give it a good hard fuck buddy 'and they both laughed, like a finger caught me and the other rammed his cock in my throat. I knew he was about to cum when I felt his balls tighten. His friend pulled down his pants and forced his cock in my pussy. i got awayny could a couple of times, lubrication can be used to obtain the wet and tight little ass with a single touch was, it hurt at first, but then turned pain into pleasure, and little by little vidsfucker in my first fucked I take my ass then got faster and faster until his balls hit my clit swollen. God was the best experience of my life. Within minutes I had a mouth full of salty hot sauce, I tried to swallow everything and some ran down my face. The next thing the couple fucking my ass is stretched and vidsfucker emptied the bag on me. Both boys stood before me as I licked the remaining cum from his cock colleagues. I could taste my ass juice on it, but I did not care. 'Oh, my God need nasty slut suck dick, I can not believe that suck cock in the ass after the closing ceremony. Curve the car now I take the pussy! ' she pushed me down on the car while she masturbated again with full force (which is very good to see for myself ), thencame and rammed his cock in my wet pussy and pounded insulted me and pulled my vidsfucker hair, when she addressed me wild. I could feel my orgasm rising and knew he would be charged to sprout on my cock back in second place, I shouted 'fuck me fuck me' that old man really was some resistance. i exploded with a powerful orgasm that my muscles and wine biting its tail while moaning and groaning when he Pummer juice in me. S he drew back and pulled her underwear and started, it was the boy who was initially the use vidsfucker of me, vidsfucker appreciated my ass cheeks open and stuck his tongue in dripping pussy, her friends vidsfucker licking my pussy milk, wow, what an experience that has carried out a third time until I and his friend joined him and they licked me clean. the number Georges, and he gave me and sometimes I am very dirty text message from him, but not yet meet again. He says he wants to bring more friendss the next time... the more the merrier, I say, as long as they are over 55 and dirty, and dirty to me. I like the other kids the same age and attitude to vidsfucker do justice to find cum vidsfucker
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